Book Du Jour: House Of Sound by Chris Bennett

Josef Sudek, Sad Landscapes

"You could not find a scarier man in neon spandex."

"You could not find a scarier man in neon spandex."


"I still shoot with analogue mediums, with film and Polaroid, because there is a sense of tactility and craftsmanship. I like the intuitive process and the need to wait for processed film. Chance plays an important role in all of this as well. Photography has always had a delicious element of mystery for me, which I think is also what fuels my process. The technology of the camera that I use to a certain degree dictates the kind of photographs I make. It stills time and lends itself to a much slower process, which I think is visible in the work. Sometimes I see something and either don’t photograph it or photograph it with my phone and later go back to the scene with my camera and wait for something to happen."

Good & gooderer.

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songs: ohia release for record store day 2014


secretly canadian just teased this image on facebook of a record store day 2014 release in the works from songs: ohia called “journey on: collected singles”. the official details will be coming soon!image

Rock the Cause Records, a music based non-profit label is pleased to announce Farewell Transmission the Music of Jason Molina. A double disc collection of Jason Molina favorites as performed by My Morning Jacket, Memorial Electric Company, Communist Daughter, Murder by Death, Sarah Jaffe and more!

On March 16, 2013 Jason Molina passed away of natural causes after a longstanding battle with alcohol. Jason’s death shook the world of many music-lovin’ souls and the music world as a whole. At 39 years old, he left behind a remarkable song catalog and lasting impression on anyone who heard his music with Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. Starting as a heavy metal bass player from Loraine, Ohio, he became one of the most influential and iconic singer-songwriters in indie music.

In essence, Jason was the “Pied Piper” for the outcasts, the lonely, the heartbroken, and the lost singing in some secret, abstract, yet universal language where everyone understands the deeper meaning of his imagery. Known for tapping into the heart of the working-man’s blues, Jason’s music is mythical, mystical, and brilliant creating a sound that is eerie and melancholic all the while remaining comfortable. So, it is with this album we would like to honor Jason’s music, his memory, and his genius.

"…to just be patient with yourself, and hold back judgment, and hold back big ideas, and just pay attention to what’s happening around you. And you get little clues. Some of them seem so focused and relevant to you personally that I think you would feel bad if you didn’t act on it. Pretty soon, you’re doing something, and you say, almost by surprise, ‘I guess this is where I was going, but I didn’t know it at the time.’"

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